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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Baroness' "Blue Record" Only 5 Bucks for the Entire Month!

Baroness is an excellent band that is difficult to place in any particular genre.  Their music is a mix of southern rock, progressive metal, heavy thrash, and sludgy grooves.  I just read through the band's Facebook page that The Blue Record, their newest album, is going to be on sale at Amazon for only 5 dollars through the entire month of August!  If you're a fan of heavy music in any capacity, this is a great opportunity to discover an awesome band.

The Blue Record is one of those albums that is best listened to with Shuffle turned off.  The music takes you along on a wild ride that has both really heavy passages and more lighthearted acoustic compositions.

My personal favorite tune on the record is A Horse Called Golgotha:

The video is weird to say the least, but the song is awesome as all hell. Check out some of their other stuff, if you like it, then get the album!  Baroness is only a few years old as a band, but I'm expecting great things from them in the future.

Here's the link again to the Amazon page where you can pick up the album, or preview the songs:

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