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Monday, August 30, 2010

Does Scott Weiland use a backing track?

A fan-made video from the Stone Temple Pilots show in Cincinnati last week has come to my attention recently.  In it, STP singer Scott Weiland can be seen tripping and falling off the stage (right around 1:30 in) without missing a beat.  The vocals continue pretty perfectly despite the plunge, and many fans and journalists are using this to accuse Weiland of lip-syncing, or using backing tracks.  Here's the video:

Personally, I don't buy it.  I think either 1) the fall was intentional and he had practiced it, or 2) he just kept singing on the floor, then waited til the solo section to get back up on stage.  Then again, he is known for having a drug and alcohol problem, maybe the band wanted to take certain precautions against performance issues...

What do you think?  Is he lip-syncing or just a total badass who can fall off the stage and keep right on singing?

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