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Saturday, August 28, 2010

New All That Remains is promising

So far, it looks like the new All That Remains album "For We Are Many" (out October 12th) is going to sound more like "The Fall of Ideals" than 2008's "Overcome."  They've released the title track, available for download on the band's website for free through September 6th, and it's a definite departure from the radio-friendly "Overcome" album. 

Phil's vocals are heavy and intense, going from super-low growls to high pitched rasps and hitting everything in between.  The only clean singing is done via layered vocal tracks during the chorus, ensuring that the song has the trademark All That Remains "melodic metalcore" feel. 

Personally, I have high hopes for this album.  I liked a lot of what they did on Overcome, but it's hard to beat tunes like Six and This Calling from Fall of Ideals.  I didn't like the way they edited their songs to make them more radio-friendly, however.  Turning screaming parts into clean singing really throws off the whole feel of the tune, and is kind of a sell-out thing to do.  By the sound of this new track, it looks like they're not interested in doing that kind of thing anymore.  This tune is essentially All That Remains in a 3 minute nutshell.

Thanks to Jake for the post suggestion!

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