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Monday, August 2, 2010

Slayer "Can't Jam," According to Drummer

MusikUniverse did a brief interview with Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo to ask him why he was the only member of his band to perform in the Big Four "Am I Evil" jam in Sofia Bulgaria. His response?

"I'm the only one who knows how to jam! The other guys don't do that kind of thing. They know their music once it's written – they don't go up and improvise and enjoy themselves. Jeff Hanneman (rhythm guitar) does a little bit, but Tom Araya (bass) and Kerry King (lead guitar) don't."

Here's the video of the jam, holy shit I wish I coulda been there.

Hetfield, Beladonna, and Mustaine on vocals with Scott Ian, Chris Broderick and Kirk Hammet on lead guitar and all four drummers smashing shit in the back? I've heard this show is coming out on DVD, and I'll definitely have to acquire that DVD in some manner.

Lombardo also hinted that a US Big Four Tour is probably in the cards for the near future, though nothing's set in stone yet.

Not surprised that Slayer "doesn't jam," I never thought much of their musical abilities anyway. Kinda gives me an idea for another post: great bands that also suck.

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