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Friday, September 10, 2010

Dream Theater will carry on without Portnoy

Dream Theater plans to continue playing/recording without recently departed drummer Mike Portnoy. 

The band released the following statement regarding Pornoy's departure:

"To all of our loyal fans and friends: It is with profound sadness — regret — we announce that Mike Portnoy, our lifelong drummer and friend, has decided to leave Dream Theater.
"Mike's stature in the band has meant the world to all of us professionally, musically, and personally over the years. There is no dispute: Mike has been a major force within this band

"While it is true that Mike is choosing to pursue other ventures and challenges, we can assure you that Dream Theater will continue to move forward with the same intensity — and in the same musical tradition — that you have all helped make so successful, and which is truly gratifying to us.

"Fans and friends: File this episode under 'Black Clouds and Silver Linings.'
"As planned, we begin recording our newest album in January 2011, and we'll follow that with a full-on world tour.
"'The Spirit Carries On.'
"All of us in Dream Theater wholeheartedly wish Mike the best on his musical journey. We have had a long and meaningful career together. It is our true hope that he finds all he is looking for, and that he achieves the happiness he deserves. He will be missed."

Looks like we'll be seeing a new album in early-mid 2011 from the Dream Theater boys, sans-Portnoy.  Black Clouds and Silver Linings was alright, but it was no Octavarius.  I hope the boys can continue to pump out quality music that progresses the rock and metal sound, while at the same time impressing with their mastery of their instruments and genre.  

Personally, I hope Portnoy sticks with Avenged Sevenfold and takes their sound to the next level.  Jimmy Sullivan was an excellent drummer, but I think Portnoy can bring the experience and maturity to the band that they need to progress their music past the pop/nu-metal sound they currently espouse.

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