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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The effects of metal on babies?

I saw a video the other day of a crying baby being instantly coaxed into silence by the playing of heavy metal music, specifically a song by death metal band Nile.  The video can be found below, and is probably the cutest thing to ever appear on this blog.  It got me thinking, though.  Does she stop crying because she likes the music and the rhythm, or because she's experiencing a sensory overload?  Is it a good idea to expose babies to metal?

The studies I've looked at don't take a position on whether or not metal is good or bad for a baby's development.  However, a baby begins listening actively at 24 weeks into pregnancy, and a common theory states that whatever music the baby may be exposed to in the womb will be music that it finds soothing or comforting as it grows.  Makes sense to me.  Many infants find pop music enjoyable (see any of the billions of "baby dancing to Beyonce" videos out there for proof) because its simple beats and heavy bass tend to remind the baby of the sound of their mother's heartbeat in the womb. This kid doesn't care about any of that, and just wants to headbang to Pantera. Careful buddy!

My experience is that listening to metal demands a certain amount of intellectual involvement.  There's usually a lot going on with the music, and it takes a lot of brainpower to keep track of everything.  My guess is that can only be good for a baby - same goes for classical music or any complex yet melodic musical style.  Moms of the world, crank it up.


  1. This is awesome! That Pantera kid is awesome, until the poor guy hit himself in the mouth... baby's first mosh... I know my kids are going to love the metal

  2. I am sooo happy I read this. Oddly heavy metal calms me. So naturally I listen to that music... But I also tend to mix it up a lot!

  3. I listened to the rime of the ancient mariner like 10 times every day when I was pregnant. Now my baby is 38 days old and she sleeps to that song. It has magical power on her. I was so surprised.

  4. My 9 week old daughter is instantly calmed by Iron Maiden (as well as other bands with good drums), it's wonderful how instantly it calms her and provides great bonding time.