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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mat Graham's metal Ocarina of Time covers will impress you

I came across this guy's cover of "The Song of Storms" from the N64 game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time yesterday and was really pleasantly surprised.  I expected a computerized remix track, but instead got a well-recorded and beautifully arranged guitar cover in a metal style with great guitar tone:

That track was just recorded earlier this week.

Today, I heard that he had already released another cover, this time of "Bolero of Fire."  The Bolero was one of my favorite songs from the game, and it really seems to jive well with metal instrumentation:

Both songs are very true to the originals, but I feel like they suffer a bit from their length and eventually getting a bit repetitive.  Perhaps he'll work in some extra flourishes and play around with the melody a bit more on future covers.

I guess we'll find out, as I've subscribed to his youtube channel and can let you know when he adds more tunes.

There you have it.  Here at Weaponized Wisdom we keep you on the cutting edge of N64 game song cover version releases.  You're welcome.  


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