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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Soundgarden video for "Black Rain" directed by Metalocalypse creator Brendon Small; new album releases soon

The video for Soundgarden's new single "Black Rain," recorded during the band's Badmotorfinger sessions, was directed by Brendon Small, creator of Metalocalypse, and features an appearance by the world's 7th largest economy, Dethklok.

The video is kind of a tie-in with the new Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock game, the special edition of which will ship with the new Soundgarden CD, Telephantasm when it!  The album will be available by itself in stores on October 5th, next Tuesday. 

I think "Black Rain" is a pretty fantastic track.  The guitars are distorted to oblivion and the riffs are fast and dirty.  Cornell sounds good (remember, this is an older recording so it's taken from what I would call his prime) and it just sounds like classic grunge.  Looking forward to seeing what they were able to put together for this new album when it releases next Tuesday.

Did I mention that this cover kicks ass?  Because it does.

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  1. That was just goofy as hell... Good song though! Lots of fun goodies on the album too!