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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Disturbed pulls plug on remainder of US tour

Hard rock standouts Disturbed have officially called off the rest of the dates on their current North American tour due to singer David Draiman developing a serious throat condition. is reporting that tour promoter LiveNation said that the unspecified "condition" is not permanent, but Draiman must stop performing for at least four weeks in order for it to heal.  Draiman had throat issues in 2006, canceling several tour dates in order to undergo surgery for a deviated septum.

All of this should come as no surprise to fans in attendance on the last few Uproar Tour dates - particularly the Madison show that I attended a week ago - as it was clear that Draiman was laboring with his vocals all night. David's singing style is hard enough on his vocal chords without a throat condition, and it must have been very difficult for him to play that last show.  Disturbed left the stage that night without playing an encore for obvious reasons, but I give David credit for making it all the way through the set list despite the obvious pain he was enduring.

It looks like Disturbed's European tour is still on, kicking off in Finland on November 15th, so all of my European readers (ha ha!) can still enjoy the show.

In short, David Draiman is down with the sickness. (sorry)

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