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Monday, November 15, 2010

Kirk Hammett accidentally kicks a kid in the face in Sydney

Today was a slow day for rock and metal news, aside from this video leaking from Metallica's recent show in Sydney, Australia.  For those who recognize this scene like myself, there are big Metallica beach balls that rain down from the rafters at the beginning of Seek and Destroy, then the house lights come on and the band plays with all the balls laying around and kicks them into the crowd to be bounced around and fought over. 

Around midway into the video you see lead guitarist Kirk Hammett kick a ball almost directly into a small child's face, punishing her parents for putting a small child in the first row of an extremely loud metal concert. Ok, it was clearly an accident, but the front row of a Metallica show is clearly no place for a small child. 

A roadie then picks up the kid and rushes her offstage to treat her boo-boos.  Come back when you're a little older, kid.  Sorry.

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  1. Hit in the face with a beach ball is the LAST injury I would expect to hear about for a child in the front row of a Metal concert. Many lols. The kid fell like a cardboard cut-out.