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Sunday, November 28, 2010

System of a Down expected to announce Monday that they're reforming in 2011

Vocalist Serj Tankian
And now for some news that you may or may not care about.  System of a Down, the Nu Metal powerhouse that split up in 2006 so singer Serj Tankian could pursue a solo career (not a bad one, either) is widely expected to announce on Monday that they will be reforming for a series of shows in summer 2011, and possibly beyond that. 

The only confirmed date so far is a Paris show on June 6th, but reports indicate that they will play a series of festival shows possibly including the UK's Download Festival, one of the largest rock festivals in the world. 

System was one of the bands that really got me into heavy music in the early to mid 2000s, and even though my tastes have progressed somewhat since then, I suppose I owe them some thanks.  I still love "Toxicity," "BYOB," and "Chop Suey," they're some of my most-played tracks.  If they end up on the Mayhem or Uproar festivals next year, I'll probably consider going if they pass near wherever I'm living. 

The cynic in me says that the guys from System are probably feeling the pinch of unemployment and are running out of money, but maybe they legitimately want to continue making music together.  If they end up making a new album, I'll be very interested to see how their sound will have evolved after 5 years apart and the fall of the nu metal genre.

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