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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Excellent "Comfortably Numb" piano cover

I was directed to this video by a website I have come to value quite highly,  Their Music subsection and Metal subsections are full of music links and suggestions, though I have to warn you that both are dominated by elitist jerks.  Seriously, there are people in the Metal section that will tell you that Pantera sucks and isn't even metal, that they're really Post-Grunge-Southern-Groove-Fuzzrock or some crap.  Ignore those people and you may come to like it.

Anyway, the player in the video performs a very moving rendition of an already powerful song, and it sounds great on the piano.  Though I would have preferred the ol' wailing electric guitar for the solos, the tones from the piano put a fresh spin on things.  I love watching people perform numbers like this, both covering and innovating upon an already great song.  Hopefully you'll agree.

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