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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ozzy says Black Sabbath reunion is "very, very possible"...and there was much rejoicing

Today I figured I'd do a story about Sabbath on the Sabbath...bad pun.  It seems that Ozzy Osbourne is open to the idea of a Black Sabbath reunion album / reunion tour, based on a recent interview with metal news site  In the interview, Ozzy said: "It's very, very possible that the original Sabbath are gonna finally [get together and] do the ultimate Sabbath album. And we're gonna do a tour, I think. When, I don't know. I spoke to Bill Ward yesterday, and we both say we never say 'never' anymore."

This comes after the news that Ozzy and Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi have buried the hatchet after resolving their dispute about the naming rights for the band, leading me to believe that Tony would also be on board.

Ozzy mentioned Bill Ward (drummer) in his interview, so it seems that Geezer Butler is the last piece of the puzzle.  If this reunion happens and a stop is made anywhere in the Midwest, I'm gonna get there to see it and pay tribute to the true founders of heavy metal.  

Sidenote: It has been alleged by fans of the Adult Swim show Metalocalypse that William Murderface's character was inspired by Geezer Butler, though the show's creators refuse to acknowledge this.  I gotta say I can see the about you?

Or maybe he looks more like the dude that Happy Gilmore shoots with a nail gun:

Tough call.  Perhaps we will never know the true answer.  Have a good Sunday, and I look forward to reviewing Blind Guardian's epic new album some time this week.

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