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Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday News Roundup

Hello again, hope everyone had a happy and unproductive Halloween weekend.  Today I thought I'd cover a little of everything in a wrapup of last week/weekend's news. 

Limewire Shut Down For Good
Remember Limewire?  That program you used in junior high to download songs and get your computer infected with spyware, trojans, and porn adware until it was essentially useless and you had to wipe the drive and start again?  Well, last week the RIAA succeeded in getting Limewire shut down for good, three years after everyone stopped using it.

To date, the Recording Industry Association of America has spent over $64 million suing people for filesharing, collecting a whopping $1.3 million in the process.  Way to go, guys.  Your business model is 10 years behind the curve, and you're wasting time in court instead of figuring out a way to make your industry viable again.  Best of luck to you, and happy trails, Limewire.  You'll be missed by all of the 12 year old girls that haven't learned how to torrent their Miley Cyrus songs yet.

James LaBrie Cancels Solo Tour
Dream Theater vocalist James LaBrie is canceling his upcoming solo tour, citing trouble acquiring work visas for some of the crew as the cause of the cancellation.  I suspect low ticket sales may have been the real reason, but we'll give him the benefit of the doubt.  Most Dream Theater fans would agree that LaBrie's vocals are the weak point of the band, and the few times I've tried to introduce someone to their music, their first reaction is to recoil in fear at the sound of his voice. 

Stone Temple Pilots Working on New Album
The Stone Temple Pilots say they are working on a new record and plan to release it "very soon."  Drummer Eric Kretz says the band is "looking at putting out another record next year or touring some more and trying new ideas of how to present music, especially for downloading." I'm a big fan of bands releasing material in new ways, such as Radiohead's "pay what you want" model on their last record, and Nine Inch Nails' "Ghosts" release, which used a tiered value system for downloads beginning with a small set of songs for free, going up to a $700 box set (all of which sold out in a weekend, netting the band nearly $700,000 from box sets alone).  Hopefully STP experiments with something similar.

Big Four Live DVD Releases Tomorrow!
That's right, the Big Four live DVD from the show in Sofia, Bulgaria this summer will be released in stores tomorrow, Nov. 2nd.  I'll be picking up a copy, just as soon as I have disposable income.  You should too, it's gonna be sick.  Now if they'd only do a Big Four US Tour...

That's your news for the day, have a metal evening and go Rangers. 

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