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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Big Four announce one-off US Show in CA

Well, that was disappointing. 

After teasing us yesterday with details of a supposed Big Four US Tour, the bands announced on Facebook their plan to do one show in the US, in Indio, California.  The show will take place on Saturday, April 23rd, on the same grounds the Coachella festival is held the weekend before.

They posted this video to get people excited, but I'm pretty let down by this.

So far the backlash has been pretty negative.  Hundreds of comments on youtube and facebook question the decision to do a single show.  People are asking why Europe got 7 shows last summer, with 2 more to come this summer, and the country that popularized these bands gets 1 show on the West Coast.  Can't say I disagree.

Apparently there are still persistent rumors of a 6-8 show summer tour.  Lars Ulrich made a radio appearance this morning on KROQ in Southern California and said this will not be the only US show, but then again he promises to return to each city they tour "same time next year" at the end of all of their shows.  Best to keep expectations low and be surprised than to hope for more than we end up getting, I suppose.

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