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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Part classic rock, part blues, part metal, Graveyard is a band to keep an eye on

I recently discovered Graveyard, an excellent band out of Sweden that plays a brand of blues-rock that hearkens to Led Zeppelin and the Stones, while also using elements of modern rock and metal similar to bands like Baroness and Mastodon.  These guys....these are the guys.

Graveyard just released their second album "Hisingen Blues" to great critical acclaim., a metal blog known for its stinginess on reviews, gave it a 9/10.  I've listened to it almost nonstop since I got it a week ago.  It's a really refreshing album, because their sound is so different from what everyone else is doing.  It's not thrash, not death metal, not really prog or stoner metal, and not any kind of -core.  It's just heavy, bluesy, rock and roll. 

Their first single off "Hisingen Blues" is the title track.  Watch this video and you may be convinced that these guys are actually time travelers from the early 70s:

They remind me a lot of The Sword, but I'm actually even more impressed by "Hisingen Blues" than I was by The Sword's 2010 album "Warp Riders," which ended up ranking in my top 5 albums of last year.  Graveyard will be supporting Iron Maiden on tour in Europe this summer.

Here's a link to a grooveshark playlist of the whole album, so you can investigate further if you're liking what you hear:

Hope you have a good weekend, and I hope you give these guys a shot, they're pretty damn good.

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